Retail Store POS


Point of Sale

Bizmodo is a comprehensive ERP solution that includes a powerful POS system, specifically designed for pharmacy

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Pharmacy Operations

Bizmodo offers comprehensive retail operations management for retail stores. With features such as POS transactions, inventory management, stock control, and accounting, Bizmodo streamlines pharmacy operations. 


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Fill Up Your Bag From home

Allow your customers to shop from the comfort of their home and easily place orders online directly from your inventory


Retail Store POS | retail Pos system in UAE | Best POS system for retail in uae

Submit Prescription

Customers can easily view the prices, deals and promotions of the items, helping them make informed purchasing decisions and stay within budget


Retail Delivery system

Delivery At Your Door Step

At the end of their shopping experience, customers can choose to have their items delivered directly to their door. With real-time updates on the delivery status, customers can always know when to expect their items to arrive.

Daily Deals!

Empower your grocery business with Bizmodo’s daily deals feature.

Quick Checkout

Customers can quickly and easily complete their purchases, freeing up your staff to focus on other areas of your business.

Fast Delivery

Provide your customers with fast and convenient delivery options with Bizmodo


Streamline your sales experience with the convenience of a fully-integrated app, available on all your devices.

Best Delivery

We’ll Do The
Heavy Lifting

Flat Rate Delivery


Take Delivery Charges


Take Packaging Charges

Delivery Price


First Delivery


Grocery POS App

1000s of Products

Real-time synchronizing of inventory

Transfer Stock 

Keep your inventory levels optimized and streamline your supply chain with ease

Generate Barcode

Easily generate and scan barcodes to add items to cart and invoices

Online Orders

Improved convenience for customers with the ability to place orders from eCommerce

Pharmacy Store POS

Empower your customers with Bizmodo’s self-kiosk solution for Retail Store POS. With fast and convenient checkout experiences, Bizmodo’s self-kiosk helps customers quickly and easily purchase the products they need.

baqala pos system in uae

Inventory Managment

Manage and track the inventory of a Baqala store, ensuring that stock levels are maintained, and reducing the risk of stock shortages or overstocking.

Point of Sale

Bizmodo provides a user-friendly POS system for quick and efficient transactions at the Baqala store, improving the customer experience and reducing wait times.

Chart of Accounts

Bizmodo offers a centralized chart of accounts for efficient financial management in for baqala stores.

Reporting and Analytics

Real-time reporting and analytics, giving Baqala a valuable insights into their business performance and helping them make informed decisions.


Frequently Asked

What is Bizmodo and how does it help my grocery business?

Bizmodo is an all-in-one ERP solution that provides POS, inventory management, and other features to streamline and optimize your grocery retail operations.

How does Bizmodo help retailers increase efficiency?

Bizmodo automates various processes, eliminates manual data entry, and provides real-time insights and reports, helping retailers increase efficiency and save time.

Does Bizmodo work on multiple platforms?

Yes, Bizmodo is designed as a cross-platform solution, which means it can be used on multiple devices and platforms, including web, mobile, and desktop.

Can I receive online orders through Bizmodo?

Yes, Bizmodo provides the ability to receive online orders through the app or your eCommerce website.

How does Bizmodo handle inventory management?

Bizmodo provides real-time inventory updates and the ability to manage thousands of products with ease. It also allows you to generate barcodes and print them for your products.

Can I transfer stock between branches with Bizmodo?

Yes, Bizmodo provides branch management features, which includes the ability to transfer stock between branches.

How fast is the delivery process with Bizmodo?

Bizmodo streamlines the delivery process, ensuring fast and efficient delivery to your customers.

Is Bizmodo secure and reliable?

Bizmodo follows industry-standard security measures and regularly updates its systems to maintain the highest level of security and reliability.

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