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Bizmodo is a comprehensive ERP solution for small business that includes a powerful POS system, specifically designed for Repair Operations for Mobile Phone Retailers Can Be Simplified

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Repair Ticket Has Been Simplified

With our user-friendly system, you can efficiently manage repair tickets. Create and track repair tickets, enter customer information, and particular repair requirements with ease.


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Inventory and Parts Management

Never run out of necessary parts for repairs. Keep track of inventory levels, order parts, and manage a well-organized inventory with thorough pricing and compatibility details.


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Repair Tracking and Reporting

Keep clients informed of repair progress and provide regular updates. Produce detailed reports on repair volumes, turnaround times, technician productivity, and levels of customer satisfaction.


Retail Delivery system

CRM Integrated

Personalized interactions can help you build solid customer relationships. Keep contact information, device history, and repair choices in customer profiles.

Efficient Business Management

Efficiently manage your repair shop operations and maximize productivity with Bizmodo ERP.

Boost Productivity

Maximize your team’s productivity with Bizmodo ERP. Assign tasks, track progress, and collaborate effortlessly, ensuring efficient repairs and satisfied customers.

Real-time Insights

Learn about repair trends, technician performance, and customer satisfaction to help you enhance your business plans.

Integrated Solutions

Connect with the WooCommerce website, payment gateways, and other services for a streamlined workflow.

Repair Store POS Systems

Empower your customers with Bizmodo’s POS system for repair shop & mobile phone shop. Our user-friendly solution streamlines the generation and maintenance of repair tickets, ensuring precise tracking and effective workflow management.

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Inventory Managment

Manage and track the inventory of your store, ensuring that stock levels are maintained, and reducing the risk of stock shortages or overstocking.

Point of Sale

Bizmodo provides a user-friendly POS system for quick and efficient transactions at the Mobile store, improving the customer experience and reducing wait times.

Chart of Accounts

Bizmodo offers a centralized chart of accounts for efficient financial management in for baqala stores.

Reporting and Analytics

Real-time reporting and analytics, giving Baqala a valuable insights into their business performance and helping them make informed decisions.

Best Delivery

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Connect your Website


Take Online Orders


Take Delivery Charges

COD Delivery 

Free Delivery

Take Packing Charges

Payment Gateway Integrated

Grocery POS App

1000s of Products

Real-time synchronizing of inventory both sides

Transfer Stock 

Keep your inventory levels optimized and streamline your supply chain with ease

Generate Barcode

Easily generate and scan barcodes to add items to cart and invoices

Online Orders

Improved convenience for customers with the ability to place orders from eCommerce

Transform Your Repair Operations with BizModo

Repair shop to manage and track customer information, including details such as contact information, repair history, and preferences. Make your store online with 1 single click and impress your customers with online repair status & updates


Frequently Asked

What is BizModo and how does it help my mobile shop business?

BizModo is a comprehensive business management solution designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency for mobile shop, electronics shop, or repair shop.

How does Bizmodo help mobile repair shop to increase efficiency?

Bizmodo helps in managing repair tickets, tracking inventory, optimizing scheduling, and streamlining communication, leading to improved productivity and customer satisfaction.

Can Bizmodo ERP handle multiple repair technicians and their assignments?

Yes, BizModo allows you to efficiently assign tasks to multiple repair technicians, track their progress, and manage their schedules for optimal resource utilization.

Can I receive online orders through Bizmodo?

Yes, Bizmodo provides the ability to receive online orders through the app or your eCommerce website.

How does Bizmodo handle inventory management?

Yes, BizModo includes robust inventory management features, enabling you to track and manage repair parts, ensuring you have the necessary components available when needed.

Can I transfer stock between branches with Bizmodo?

Yes, BizModo offers seamless integration capabilities, allowing you to connect with other systems such as CRM software, payment gateways, and more, to create a unified workflow.

Can I track the status of repair tickets in real-time?

Absolutely! Bizmodo provides real-time visibility into the status of repair tickets, allowing you to keep customers informed about the progress of their repairs.

Is BizModo secure and reliable?

Bizmodo follows industry-standard security measures and regularly updates its systems to maintain the highest level of security and reliability.

Still have questions? check our docs to know more.